City Wide Services LLC

                                            CITY WIDE SERVICES LLC

                                            A MASONRY company
                                            In florham PArk, NJ

                                            City Wide Services, LLC BBB Business Review

                                            SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST

                                            City Wide Services LLC is full contracting service based out of Florham Park, NJ. With over 30 years of service, City Wide Services has performed hundreds of jobs on homes, businesses, schools, and more! We can provide with you everything you may need including licensed professionals and supplies that you can trust. Whether you would like to renovate your home or fix that dreadful water problem in your basement, give us a call today! Take the first step toward making your dream a reality!

                                            Free Estimates

                                            Schedule a free estimate at a time that works for you! We're here to help.



                                            Nick was courteous, responsive and available to answer all questions throughout the process. I trusted him to oversee his crew and work in my home while I was out of town.
                                            — Gina Gutman
                                            I would recommend City Wide Services to my friends and neighbors. It is a pleasure to find someone who takes pride in their work as Nick does.
                                            — JAN Boyd


                                            "Nothin' But Right"

                                            City Wide Services is committed to providing excellent service and doing it right the first time. We strive to meet AND exceed expectations with our work that is guaranteed for 1 year after the job is completed.


                                            Check out some projects that we have worked on

                                            About Me

                                            MY NAME IS Nicholas kulyk

                                            I have been working in construction since I was 18 years old. After completing the construction course at Morris County Vo-Tech, I started City Wide Services. Since then, I have on worked on tons of jobs in different areas of contracting. I take pride in my work and love doing what I do. 

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